Man's Search for Meaning" 


by Viktor E. Frankl

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A profound memoir and psychological exploration by a Holocaust survivor, revealing how finding meaning in life can overcome immense suffering.

"The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck"


by Mark Manson

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A refreshing, no-nonsense approach to self-improvement that emphasizes embracing life's challenges and focusing on what truly matters.

"Emotional Intelligence: 

by Daniel Goleman

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Explores the significance of emotional intelligence and its impact on personal and professional success and relationships.

"You Are a Badass"

by Jen Sincero:

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A witty and inspiring guide to unleashing your inner potential, identifying self-limiting beliefs, and living a life you love.

"The Four Agreements"

by Don Miguel Ruiz

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Offers four transformative principles rooted in ancient Toltec wisdom that can lead to personal freedom, happiness, and meaningful relationships.

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