5 Tips to gain visibility and grab attention in Google and search engines and succeed in this Digital Era.

Nowadays in digital age, we can affirm that whoever does not have a solid presence and appearances on the Internet and Google, has nothing. And it is that more and more consumers are doing a search on the internet and Google to find companies that fit their needs and requirements. But, how could they know of your existence if you don’t appear in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc? To achieve this, we have some tips that will help you to have visibility and attentions in search engines.

5 Tips on How to Get Visibility and attention on Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN and etc)

Working on visibility and seeking attention in search engines is part of the so-called SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimization/Marketing), which consists of optimizing and indexing web pages so that they occupy and get a good position in search engines. Within this, different actions and steps are included, some of which we mentioned for you below.

1. Have you done an SEO/SMM audit for your website?

When working on ranking and visibility in search engines, first of all we have to differentiate between those websites that have not directly worked on their SEO/SMM from those that have done so in some way, but inefficiently. Therefore, the ideal is to carry out an SEO audit , which will allow you to identify what you should improve , by diagnosing or analysing the current problems/issues of a page.

And what aspects are those that are valued in these audits/analysis? Well, for example, the use of keywords/targeted keywords, which must have searches without being saturated; the loading speed/displaying of the web page , which should not exceed three seconds, or the optimization of the meta tags, Descriptions which are the title and the small description that appear in the search engine results/Serps.

2. Are you creating quality content?

A web page cannot consist only of images and a few sentences; you need it to have content that adds value. This, in addition, will be the one that allows you to enter the keywords/phrases, which will help you achieve visibility/added ranking in search engines when a user enters the terms that you have used. Content marketing includes the creation of periodical articles on a topic that you master and you need to make sure about the competition. Not only will you position yourself as an expert, but you will also transmit confidence on Online platforms.

3. Does your website have internal and external links?

Links are crucial and very much difficult today, and are part of the link building strategy. The internal ones are those that lead to another part of your website, and in addition to  facilitating navigation, visibility, features and improving the user experience , they allow the algorithms to understand the structure of the page. The external ones are the ones that lead to quality and relevance websites, and that will help  increase the authority/trust  of your page. 

4. Loading speed optimization

In the SEO audit we have mentioned the importance of loading speed. But how can you improve it by yourself? Several factors and steps come into play here. For example, the size of the images, graphics and videos on your website; to be sure to  optimize them so they take up as little space on internet as possible without affecting quality.  Also, you need to  reduce  non-value  HTML codes , track loading errors, and ensure your hosting provider has adequate speed.  If it’s too slow, your visitors or traffic won’t wait for you to load by wasting their time.

5. Mobile optimization and rendering

Did you know that mobile versions are being used more and more nowadays because you browse from these devices? This means that your website must be  responsive , and adapt to this format so that the display of all the content is correct because it adjusts to the size of the screen and device features.

These are the main actions you must take to gain visibility on search engines. But remember that the algorithms and rules are constantly changing in Major search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN), so you should  update your page daily or weekly once to adapt to the new requirements/features  to position.