Growth Hacking


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Growth Hacking is a trend that encompasses processes, programming and marketing strategies that began to be adapted in startups to maximize their growth, increasing the number of users with minimal investment and effort; however, many of the techniques are applicable to any business regardless of size or rotation.

It is a goal (to always grow) and a path (systematic experimentation). Unlike digital marketing, Growth Hacking’s ultimate goal is always growth. For example, in traditional digital marketing you could work on increasing engagement to improve the brand.

On the other hand, if we worked on the engagement in Growth Hacking, it would always be oriented to increase the final growth of the business: more users who pay. In addition, Growth Hacking is transversal: it concerns the entire life cycle of the customer and his/her experience, not just acquisition (which is usually the focus of traditional digital marketing). That is why Growth Hacking seeks to grow rapidly both in the user base and in the retention of them.

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