How easily you discover all the campaigns of an advertiser on Google and other Search engines:

A few days ago we all got to know about the new Google Ads Center and the possibility it offers you to control the type of advertising and campaigns you see on different Google platforms, such as YouTube, Serpa, Search and on the Discover feeds as well. 

With this new possibility, it is also possible to see all the advertisements/campaigns that the same advertiser or company or organisation has, and this is exactly what we want to show you today by this post. Thanks to a Twitter thread by SEO expert Juan González Villa , we want to show you a step by step on how to find and view all of an advertiser’s ads on Google and Google Serps, including those that appear in search, display and even his videos. In addition to this, we show you how to configure your preferences to block some products that do not interests you or topics that you consider as sensitive.

Step by step to see all the ads of your competitor on Internet

First you must open Google and do a search for a product or service that interests you. In my case, my search will be for Nike shoes. When all the results appear, you must click on a small arrow that appears to the right of the URL of the ad that you are interested in investigating. 

Clicking it brings up a dropdown that looks very reminiscent of ‘About this result’, but this one is specifically for Ads. At the bottom of this menu is the option ‘Check out other ads this advertiser has shown using Google’.

When you click on ‘See more ads from this advertiser’, a new tab or page or pop-up opens where all the advertiser’s ads that might interest you from the last 30 days appear. 

It should be noted that this information is only displayed or available to advertisers who have been verified by Google and Google Serps. For unverified advertisers, this screen is not available and your ads will not be visible to traffic. 

Best of all, there are multiple filters so you can more comfortably choose the date of the ads (you can choose the most recent, the last 7, 15, 30 days and the last 60 days), the country and the format of the ad (text , image or video)

For video ads, you can even click and play them at the same place. A very interesting fact is that the last date on which each video ad was shown. 

All these options are part of the Google Ads Center, which seeks to provide greater transparency/clarity about the origin of the results and appearance, whether it is organic or paid, in addition to wanting to give the user more control over the ads they view and why.

With this ad center it is possible to know information about which specific topics, advertisers, campaigns managers and ads are shown to us, in addition to controlling and deciding to see memos and agenda ads for a specific brand or topic and to completely block ads on ‘sensitive’ topics

Even, Google now shows the data  of each user specifically that it takes into account to show personalized ads, so you can allow or not your search history, your YouTube video history, login history and last visited places where you have used Google to be used for ads.